December 25, 2023

Ordinance 03-2023

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that an Eagle Township Interim Zoning Ordinance was approved by the Township Board of Eagle Township of Clinton County, Michigan, at its regular meeting held on December 21, 2023. The Township Board voted to give the Eagle Township Interim Zoning Ordinance effect on January 1, 2024, pursuant to MCL 125.3404.

The Interim Zoning Ordinance establishes zoning districts and regulations governing the development and use of land within the zoning jurisdiction of Eagle Township in accordance with the provisions of the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act; furthers the goals and objectives set forth in the plan for Eagle Township; provides for general provisions, provides for regulations governing nonconforming uses and structures; provides for parking and loading requirements, signs, performance standards, as well as creating the Board of Appeals and providing for its powers and duties; provides for permits, penalties and other administrative provisions to enforce this Ordinance; and provides definitions and regulations regarding conflicts with other ordinances or regulations.

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that a copy of the Interim Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map are available on the Eagle Township website the link below or by contacting the Eagle Township Clerk.

Laurie Briggs-Dudley, Eagle Township Clerk
(517) 526-7548,

Interim Zoning Ordinance 03-2023
Zoning Map
Resolution 12-21-2023-01 adopting Interim Zoning Ordinance