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The Primary election is August 2, 2022

The General election is November 8, 2022

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Notice to Voters

Voter ID Requirement in Effect
The Voter Identification Requirement is in effect for those casting a ballot in person on Election Day and for those who pick up their absentee voter ballot in person. Please read the Notice to Voters from the State Bureau of Elections for more information, including acceptable forms of identification.

Voter Registration Requirements

1. To register to vote in Eagle Township, Michigan, you must be:

     a.  A resident of the State of Michigan and this township for at least 30 days before the election.

     b. A citizen of the Unites States.

     c.  Age 18 by Election Day.

     d. Not serving a sentence in jail or prison.

2.  Unless you opt out, all citizens who obtain a Michigan driver’s license or a state issued personal ID will be automatically registered to vote by the Secretary of State’s office.

3.  A person who is currently registered to vote who change their address with the Secretary of State will automatically be registered in their new jurisdiction.

4.  A person who is not registered to vote may register at a Secretary of State’s office, a designated voter registration office, at the county or township clerk’s office, or by mail not later than the 15th day prior to the election.

 5. Within the 14 days prior to the election, an unregistered voter must register here at the township clerk’s office in order to vote at that election.  Proof of residency must be provided, either by a driver’s license or state issued personal ID, or by other picture identification and proof of residency, such as a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government document showing the applicant’s name and current address.

Absentee Voting Information

The major change in absentee voting is that all registered voters are now eligible to cast the vote by mail.  There is no longer any need to state a reason for voting by absentee ballot.

If you are not on the list currently, but would like to be added to the permanent absent voter list, please contact me at 517-526-0218, or you can send an email to with your name and address and we can add you to the permanent absent voter list. 

We maintain a permanent absentee voter list.  Many of you are on that list currently, and we mail you an absent voter ballot application before each election.  If you want to cast your vote by absentee ballot by mail, you will need to complete the application and return it to us, once I receive the application back we will send your ballot to you by mail once it is available.  If you are already on the list, I will continue to mail you the application for each election as I have been doing.  We can only mail you a ballot if you complete the application and return it to us for each election.

All absent voter ballots are opened on Election Day by the election inspectors and tabulated in the same machines used for ballots of in-person voters.  All absent voter ballots must be received on Election Day by 8:00pm.

Members of the military, their families, and overseas citizens can register to vote or request an absentee voter ballot by completing the Federal Post Card Application. Use of this form assists us in making sure these voters receive absentee voting materials in a timely manner. The application is valid for one calendar year.


Federal Voting Assistance Program  
Voting assistance for uniformed service members, their families, and citizens living outside the U.S

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Michigan Secretary of State  

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