North Eagle Cemetery Board


Don Volk – Lot Sales – 517-626-6236
Larry Schulte – Flags & Medallions for Veterans – 517-627-7542
Jake Schaefer – Sexton – 517-204-3241

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North Eagle Cemetery 1909

North Eagle Cemetery Officers & Lot Information

Kathy Cooper
Mary Rademacher
Barb Falor
Patty Mitchell
13524 Hawaii Dr

Eagle, MI 48822
(Dinners, Casino Trips, & Donations)

Charles Volk
Don Volk
517-626-6236 (Lot Sales)
Jake Schaefer
517-204-3241 (Lot Foundations)
Veteran Flags:
Larry Schulte
517-627-7542 (Vet Medallions)
4′ X 8′

Casket & Burials
1 each/lot

Casket Burials
1 person/lot

2 each/lot*

*Only one person per cremation container.

All cremations must be approved by the Sexton.

 All cemetery updates will be made by January 31st.

North Eagle Cemetery (NEC) Rules and Regulations

  1. All work upon lots shall be done under the direction of the Sexton (except the setting of monumental work) and by cemetery association.
  2. When instructions for opening a grave are indefinite or for any reason the grave cannot be opened in the location specified, the Sexton will order it opened at such location on the lot as may seem best under the circumstances.  Such action is necessary in order to avoid delaying funerals.
  3. To avoid any misunderstanding, it is the owner or the owner’s representative responsibility to call the Sexton (517-204-3241) a minimum of 24 hours prior to the funeral to request the grave to be opened.
  4. The Sexton cannot be held responsible for having a grave prepared in time for funerals unless twenty-four (24) hours’ notice has been received.  All graves shall be opened and closed by employees of the cemetery under the direction of the Sexton.  The charge for opening a grave shall be paid before burial.
  5. Funeral Directors planning for burials will be held responsible for charges if parties fail to pay.  Lots cannot be resold except by transfer back to the cemetery for one-half the original purchase price.
  6. As soon as flowers, wreaths, emblems, etc., used at funerals, or placed upon graves at other times becomes unsightly and faded, they shall be removed, and no responsibility will be assumed by the cemetery.
  7. No one except an employee or association member of the cemetery will be allowed to disturb the sod on any other lot or grave.  Violation of this rule will be followed by the removal of plants and sodding to the grave level.  The grade of all lots shall conform to the contour of the land on which they are situated.
  8. If any tree, shrub or plant situated within a lot becomes unsightly, dangerous or detrimental, the cemetery personnel have the right to remove same or such parts thereof as may be deemed necessary.
  9. No roping, curbing, fencing, hedging, borders or enclosures of any kind are allowed on any lot.  No edging, brick walks, landscape bricks or blocks, aluminum stripping, marble chips, stones, cinders, tile, terra cotta, sand, cement, gravel, wood or wood chips, decorative flags, toys, statues, personal items, etc., are allowed on any lot.  No lot shall hereafter by set out or enclosed by any so-called fence, coping, hedge or flower border, wood or metal trellises.  Wire and screens, and designs of any descriptions, rusty unpainted or broken benches, seats, and vases.  Iron hooks from which baskets, bowls or flowerpots are suspended, and deemed unsightly with be removed.  The cemetery management reserves the right to remove any of the above if so erected, planted, placed or installed.
  10. Please place grave site trash/materials in trash container.
  11. A $500.00 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of persons destroying cemetery property.
  12. The Board will take every reasonable precaution to protect all private property of lot and grave owners in the cemetery from loss or damage, but it distinctly disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control and especially from the acts of thieves, vandals, rioters and malicious mischief makers.
  13. All rules are posted in the cemetery and are given to the lot buyer at the time of purchase.  If any questions arise, call Don Volk (517-626-6236.)
  14. No artificial flowers or wreaths will be placed on grounds April 1 or Nov. 1.  Wreath and grave blankets allowed from Nov. 1 through April 1.
  15. Planting of flowers permitted within 8” of the markers and kept maintained.
  16. Any non-manufactures monuments must be pre-approved by North Eagle Cemetery Association (NECA)
  17. Thank you.